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Back Packs:

Backpacks are not just for children or college students. More and more business professionals are finding that using a backpack to carry computers, paperwork, ipods, cell phones, books, and other things is much more comfortable than a brief case or rolling case.

At Riverstone, we offer a range of back packs from the traditional double strap to the more trendy sling ( single strap) back pack. Different features carry different levels of importance to people and that is why that on most designs special features can be added or taken away such as ipod pockets or internal computer sleeves.

All our programs can be color matched using pantones or from swatch samples. At Riverstone we work with all materials including Polyesters, cotton, PE, ripstop, mesh, and nylons to add to the designs asthetics and durability. We offer quick turnaround times from initial direction to samples while offer ing a quality product to the end consumer that is value driven. Since we are a "green" oriented company we also can offer a full line of products made from organic cotton and materials that look and act like nylon and polyester but are bio degradable over time.

The Riverstone line is designed to be customized to meet the specific needs of our retailers and their customers.

For more information please contact us directly.


  • Style
    Double shoulder strap (traditional)
    Single shoulder strap (sling)
    Single shoulder strap (satchel)

  • Colors - ANY (through pantones or color swatch sample matching as well as patterns)

  • Non-bunching nylon coated zippers

  • Zippers and pulls - various styles available














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