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Monticello is Proudly Made in the USA!!
The NEW Monticello Quick Assembly Greenhouse program makes assembly no longer a weekend job. Most greenhouses can be assembled in 4 hours with no experience. The Monticello is a commercial grade greenhouse that is designed to last. Don't let the ease of construction fool anyone, this is a sturdy permanent structure that will give the owner years of satisfaction. We are so sure of this that every Monticello Branded Greenhouse comes with a 10 year Warranty, the strongest in the industry.

The units are also packaged in a simple system that allows for easy expansion of the greenhouse to any length desired and provides excellent insulation factors so important to growing in a greenhouse due to the 8mm thick walls and roof. Did we mention this program is PROUDLY DESIGNED & MADE IN THE USA.



Frame - extruded aluminum
Walls/ Roof - 8mm twin wall Polycarbonate
Integrated base - allows for direct anchoring to ground, decking

Quick Assembly
Twist & Lock nut & bolt fastening construction
Sturdy rigid "ribbed" design for quick interlocking assembly
Under 4 hours to assemble
Tools - Phillips screwdriver/ wrench

7ft, 6 in high interior roof peak
4 ft, 10 in wall height
8 ft x 8 ft
8 ft x 12 ft
8 ft x 16 ft
8 ft x 20 ft
8 ft x 24 ft
4 ft extensions

Blue (special order)
Maroon (special order)
Tan (special order)
Green (special order)
Brown (special order)

Meets all UPS/ FedEx Ground requirements
10 year product warranty

Package Options:








a. Standard Package:
  • Built is rain water/ gutter system
  • Automatic roof ventilation system
  • Dual hinged locking doors
b. Premium Package:
  • Standard Package plus...
  • Work bench system
  • Interior shading system
  • Programmable watering system
  • Greenhouse potting sink
c. Mojave Package:
  • Standard Package plus...
  • Thermostatically controlled solar powered ventilation system
  • Solid tinted roof panels
  • Work bench system
  • Programmable watering system
  • Greenhouse potting sink




The Monticello Greenhouse Program has been features on the ABC Television show:





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