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Riverstone Industries Corporation was started with the idea to bring good for the environment products to the mass markets. Originally, our programs were 100% import but through the years and the changing in the economic climate, Riverstone has begun to manufacture programs in the USA. Currently, about 90% of our product mix is manufactured in the USA with the balance coming from Asia, Europe, and Canada.

The Riverstone mission is to solve problems through innovation and function, always keeping value and customer service in the forefront of our thinking. We pride ourselves on offering innovative improvements to existing programs currently found today in the retail marketplace.

Through the years, Riverstone Industries has maintained a position of outstanding quality and customer satisfaction, which has insured the company's growth, expanding to it's current stature. Riverstone Industries currently manufactures and successfully markets several product lines listed below by category:

Greenhouses & Cold Frame Collection: Lawn & Garden Collection:

Monticello Greenhouses
Monticello Greenhouse Accessories
Eden Mini Greenhouses & Herb Gardens
Genesis Cold Frames
RSI Educational/ Institutional Greenhouses
RSI Portable Greenhouses

CleanIT Outdoor sinks
Eden Raised Garden Bed System
RSI Composting Sacks
Plant Caddie - Plant Extender
RSI VegiBee Mechanical Pollenators
RSI Seeding Trays
Genesis Potting Benches
Eden Wood Adirondack Chair Program

RSI Shade Cloth Systems
RSI Patio Covers
Cut & Sew Collection: Home & Design Collection:

Riverstone Custom luggage sets
Riverstone Back packs
Riverstone Duffel bags
Riverstone Sports bags
ECO-Gear Kids & Adult "Green" back pack/ bag program

Coolers— Soft sided/Carry and Rolling

RSI Television Mounts
RSI Entertainment Centers
Stay-Warm Portable Fireplace- Heaters
Stay-Warm Infrared Heater Program

Building Materials:  

RSI Polycarbonate Panels



Riverstone Industries has the manufacturing capability to develop and manufacture products in a wide variety of venues including: METAL STAMPING, INJECTION MOLDING, BLOW MOLDING, ROTATIONAL MOLDING, CUT & SEW TEXTILE CONVERSION, & WOOD WORKING CONVERSION.

Each program is shipped from our specific manufacturing location to our customers.

Our products are sold across North America through major retail chains, regional retailers, coops, and independent retailers. Every program is specific to meet the needs of each of our unique customers.

To learn more please contact us directly at:

(612) RVR-STNE
(612) 787-7863






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